My awkward photo with Iron Mike Ditka

I’ve been a Chicago Bears fan for 25 years. 

So when a recent trip to the Windy City led to the once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity with the team’s most famous coach, I took advantage of the moment…even if the legend wasn’t as enthused about the encounter as I was. 

Here’s the awkward photo I have as evidence. 

FYI, I'm the geek on the left.



  • My way ‘too-close-for-comfort’ lean into the coach.
  • That ‘Da Coach’ appears to be growling something.
  • The strategically placed $20 bill in Ditka’s pocket…which believe it or not, was NOT a bribe on my part to get him to pose for the photo.

While we barely exchanged a word, the picture is a dream for a now grown-up kid who’s fanatically followed this man and his team the majority of his life. 

To see for yourself just how obsessed I am about the Bears, check out, where I served as editor until January ’11. 


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