#1 – Introducing the drama-free replacement experience.

During our first month at Integer, my Art Director partner and I were tasked with closing the deal on a rebrand project for the agency’s largest client that had been two years in the making. Bringing a new perspective that included a revamped voice, visual and vibe, we created this print ad – the first in a series of promotional campaigns that are still in market today.

#2 – Recruiting letter clobbers previous mailer by 3-to-1 response

Our call center needed experienced sales reps who could get up and selling on the phones quickly. So I created this unassuming recruiting letter, which told the true story of one of our most successful agents and “how one sales call that never materialized changed his life.” The response was overwhelming — it out-performed the previous recruiting letter 3-to-1.

The VP referred to in the letter later told me over a round of golf that “it was the best recruiting letter he’s seen” and more importantly, it generated “more qualified leads than we’ve ever received before.” (And that was BEFORE he even finished his first adult beverage!)

#3 – “Longest Sneeze” radio ad helps agents make a splash in their markets

This client was one of the first insurance carriers to offer a 3-year rate guarantee, so we wanted to help their agents make a big deal out of this in their local markets.

I wrote this spot (one :60 version and one :30) that was made available to a nationwide sales force of 600-plus career agents.

#4 – Foolproof flooring product gets an online makeover

I recently helped rebrand a new flooring product, Cliks by Daltile, which are real porcelain floor tiles that lock together with a click. They help DIYers of all experience levels transform their rooms in just one afternoon.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Check out the new and improved Cliks home page I wrote to see this one-of-a-kind product in action.

#5 – Enter the mind of The Complex Shopper. 

My agency was leading the charge to uncover what motivations drove consumers to make (or in many cases, delay) big-ticket purchasing decisions. Working with a team of creatives and account service members, I helped name the initiative, write a series of PR emails and reports, not to mention help write and produce this promotional video.


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